Friday, October 21, 2011

Next in line - Victoria is 3!

Victoria and her brother Sammy

A happy girl at Mt. Rushmore

Having fun with Grandpa

Trying out her new princess dress with Nathan

Enjoying her birthday breakfast

The birthday girl on her day

At the Columbia River Gorge on the day we arrived in Washington.

Well, before I share Nathan's birthday news...Victoria turned 3 on October 10th. She had been anxiously awaiting this day for some time. We had the privilege of having Grandpa here to celebrate. If you know Victoria, she is full of life and personality and always entertaining. She's a real cutie...and she can be a real handful. We hope to direct  her dynamic personality and charm into being a godly young lady who can be a blessing to many. She's a "people person" who is friendly to all. Her favorite things include babies (real and pretend), music, dressing up in anything from cowgirl to princess clothes, playing outside, coloring, being with friends, and going to church. She is definitely girly, but can keep up with the boys! The only things she requested on her birthday were brownies, cupcakes, and chocolate milk. She also got to have a birthday dinner with her family, including Grandpa, and a birthday lunch at McDonald's playplace. Children are a blessing and we enjoy celebrating special days with them!

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  1. Happy birthday Victoria (again)! The pink birthday cupcakes were delicious... thank you for sharing. "People person"... that's an understatement! I love how she can carry on a real conversation with anyone... and she's "only" 3! WOW! Hugs, Grace