Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back in Business...Sort of

Our Family at the Creation Museum
The "scared" picture. Savannah and Jeremiah look terrified!
We now have internet, but I can't seem to find any free time to use it, lol. I THOUGHT I  was busy before we moved! I'm sure you all know that we are no longer on the road. We arrived safely with two vehicles that had no problems on the trip, Praise the Lord! While it wasn't too bad (except through Chicago), I am not anxious to follow another car all the way across the country again. Along the way, we visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky - a must see. Then we stayed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - beautiful. Next was Mount Rushmore. This was our second visit there and I love the little town of Keystone, where we stayed. We were in Wyoming next and really enjoyed the cowboy of Cody, named after "Buffalo Bill" Cody. We ate lunch at the hotel he built and saw a rodeo at night. The next day we drove to Yellowstone's East entrance. The scenery between Cody and Yellowstone is beautiful, as is the scenery between Sheridan, WY and Cody. I could have stayed there for awhile. We had a quick trip (1 day) through Yellowstone, where we saw lots of wildlife and exited in Montana. Montana is absolutely beautiful as well. There are rivers everywhere. It is Russell's favorite state, after Alaska, I believe. Don't tell anyone, but he took many pictures while he was driving...I saw the evidence ha, ha.

We rolled into town on Sat. September 3rd, exhausted but intact. The next day the church had a welcome fellowship for us. Our household goods were a week late (September 12) so we used the extra time to paint, get curtains, and TRY to get organized. Many people here were a huge blessing in helping with the cleaning, painting, and watching children. We are now unpacked and somewhat organized. It is feeling more like home. There is always an adjustment period when we move. We have received a warm welcome and have done quite a bit of fellowshipping (over food and coffee, of course). It has been good to see old friends and meet new brothers and sisters. The children are adjusting very well and love the church and the scenery. Jeremiah turned five just over a week ago. He had the Houston family over to celebrate - fun for all and a party in itself! Noah has joined the Boy Scout troop that meets here and Nathan will join when he turns eleven later this month. They are a great God honoring group of young men. Savannah has joined the choir and is helping with a children's class. She has also started back to piano lessons and has resumed her high school studies. Sammy and Jeremiah love the woods around the house and all the friends at church. Victoria loves all the new faces and is getting her fair share of attention. Sophia is growing and standing on her own. Russell is getting settled in his new role and I'm sure will be a blessing to many. I am trying to get back into some sort of normal routine so I can manage everything. We do miss everyone back in Virginia and if you haven't heard from me, it is not because I haven't thought of you. We think of you all daily. It is simply because I have been swamped with all the logistics of relocation, especially at the beginning of a new school year. I don't necessarily follow the public school calendar, but I do need to stay caught up and not let education fall by the wayside. In fact, I need to go get a couple of the children back to lessons right now and Sophia is currently climbing the stairs. I hope my posts will not be too infrequent. I will have to post pictures later because I am out of time and my old computer is not letting me see the pics before I add them. God Bless you all!


  1. So glad your starting to feel settled. It seems like Caleb and Noah pick up where they left off 5 years ago! So glad your back... still want to have you all over. ~ Grace

  2. Love the scared picture!! We are so blessed to have you and your family here! Glad you are getting settled~ always difficult but more so when you have children who need to do their school! ;-)

  3. We love having you guys back! You guys have all ready been a huge blessing to many!!! =) We love you