Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Few Photos at the Creation Museum

This is a hilarious photo because I thought she would look so pretty in front of the flower pot.  A breeze began to blow and the plant was rustling and waving. She got scared, kept looking over her shoulder and thought the plant was trying to get her. Poor little baby!

Lovely Savannah

Victoria is always ready to pose!

The Creation Museum Botanical Gardens. They were quite extensive.
Cute Jeremiah

Checking out the Alligator Garr
This was our first stop - the Creation Museum. I would recommend everyone visit there if they are in the area of Ohio/Kentucky. They have a walk-thru from Creation to Christ. It was a blessing to visit. We saw Ken Hamm and Buddy Davis while we were there. It was all very God honoring.


  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing a part of your trip with us. I hope to go there someday with the family.

  2. We plan to go to that Creation Museum sometime for a family trip. I really like your pictures. We are so happy the Smith Family is back! We love you all!