Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy First Birthday Sophia!

Our youngest little sweetheart is one year old! The special day was Friday, November 11 - Veteran's Day. The past year really has flown by for me, more so than any other. It must be because it has been very busy and full of so many changes. We've had quite a bit of sickness in our family during the past two weeks, but we were still able to have fun with Sophia. She had her very own cake, homemade just for her. First birthdays are fun, and while we've gone all out for some of our children, she was happy with just a simple celebration. She has generally been pretty easy going and happy, but has shown a bit of a temper lately. She is now walking pretty well and very pleased with herself! She loves music and makes an attempt at singing and dancing. Eating is one of her favorite pastimes and she likes pretty much everything we offer her. Her brothers and sisters love her to pieces so she is never lacking attention. I find her playing with cars, helicopters, and Batman as often as baby dolls. Of course, she could have fun with a cardboard box or the wastebasket. We're so thankful for our chubby happy baby! They grow up so fast...sigh.


  1. Happy Birthday Sophia! So glad we are able to enjoy your happy grin here at Westside! Hugs, Mrs. Potvin