Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's HOT!

 Sweet Sophia cooling off with Daddy.
If you've been following the news, you will have heard that we are having record high temperatures. On Friday, the heat index (temp. and humidity) was 122 degrees! Well, when it's that hot there are two choices - stay inside or go swimming.  The kiddos love swimming, but I'll take Seattle weather, thank you! Thank you to the Budkes for providing this fun time for us.
 Is this how the scuba divers do it? Looks good Sammy!

 Nathan takes a running dive.
 Victoria and her pal Mr. Wes Budke, the owner of this awesome pool.
 Jeremiah, proud of his swimming abilities. He has graduated from life vest to floaties.

Sammy taking a break on the lounger. This is the good life on a hot day!
The elusive Noah swims away. He's hard to catch. Savannah was equally hard to catch.


  1. It is currently in the 80s clouds and a slight breeze, just enough to keep me (preggo) from over heating. I'd say this is perfect weather!! ;-)

  2. It has been 95+ in Odessa Ukraine.....they don't use much AC, and the humidity is high. But you are really in a heat wave. We are looking forward to having you back at Westside, we have missed you all!!

  3. Well, I can't complain about being hot... Mrs. Houston was right... 80's on Sunday, but then yesterday (Wed.) it was 61 in Port Orchard. Hope it cooling off there for you ... even though it looks as though the kids are managing quite well in the pool. LOL Hugs, Grace