Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Savannah's December Piano Recital

Click the link above to view the videos. I am trying this another way since the first time didn't work. I'm not a very good blogger...just can't seem to make the time, especially when the computer malfunctions. I spent an hour last week and then again last night and then everything froze up. Hopefully you will be able to view Savannah playing Fur Elise and an arrangement of What Child is this for her December recital. She practiced very hard and did very well, praise the Lord. It is wonderful what she has learned in just a few short years. She has a fantastic teacher and we hope she will continue to work hard and use her talents to bring God glory. We are thankful for the piano we were given four years ago - a specific answer to prayer, and for the opportunity to take lessons.

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  1. You did such a wonderful job! Hope to hear you play more soon. Hugs, Mrs. Potvin